What will this Program Give You

How good will it be when you can look at your nails and see you no longer bite your nails. Imagine that in your mind now.

Hypnosis - Healty Nails

Well this is what this program is going to give you. You will have the confidence to take control of your life and especially the nail biting. You will be amazed at how easy this program is. It will assist you to stop biting your nails. You will look back and say to yourself every day how grateful you are to be free of that awful habit of biting your nails. Then of course there will be the compliments you will receive.

If you have been using false nails, people are going to be checking your progress and congratulating you on taking control. Of course every compliment you get will make you feel so proud and happy. Perhaps even keep a record of all those compliments and read them often.

There are a number of other ways your life will improve especially:-

Physical Health– your nails will be clean and attractive. You will not be subject to the possibility of infection in or around your nails. The pain from broken or pulled skin, paronychia will be gone. The purpose of a finger nail is to protect the finger especially the tip of the finger. If the nail is too short or has been lost due to disease, then the finger is left unprotected and more exposed to bumps and knocks. Having the tips of the finger protected with a healthy nail will provide less likelihood of hurting the finger tip.
More importantly you will not be introducing unwanted bacteria into your stomach of gut. This is explained further in the program.

Hypnosis Breakthrough - healthy gut

Emotional Health – your confidence will increase as you will not be trying to hide the ugly nails you once had. Having nails that have been bitten down is often quite embarrassing especially around your friends, fellow students or business associates. You will be more inclined to be looking at your friends’ nails and comparing how beautiful they are and how unhappy you are about your nails. If you are young you may also be tired of hearing people telling you to take your finger out of your mouth.

 Nail Biting Hypnosis - Taking control of her life

Financial Health – many people tend to opt towards having false nails so they can hide the fact they are nail biters. When thinking about how much this costs, how much will you be saving? Most salons charge $60 or more for manicure and much more for other forms of treatment. Imagine the overall cost of this for a year. Even having a manicure monthly will add up to $720 a year and this doesn’t allow for people who have touch ups more often. Where would you like to be spending this money? Perhaps a massage or put it towards a holiday. Perhaps a 3 day cruise will be tempting. You will have so many options open to you.

Nail Biting Hypnosis - Saving Money