Welcome to Nail biting Hypnosis

Congratulations on making the decision to stop biting your nails!

This program has been designed to help you quit nail biting – whether you’ve been nibbling, chewing, picking your nails or even eating the skin around your nails. 

After you complete this program you will no longer be embarrassed about your nail biting habit – nor will you need to hide your nail-bitten fingers.  Very soon your nail biting habit will be a thing of your past and instead, you will be proud of your healthy and presentable nails.

I love helping people break bad habits! Since establishing my successful Hypnotherapy practice in Brisbane, Australia in 2010, I have helped thousands of people quit bad habits and let go of what is holding them back from living their best life. 


From these successes, I developed a suite of Hypnosis Breakthrough Online Programs that utilise hypnotherapy to help people quit nail biting, lose weight, quit smoking and reduce anxiety.


My Hypnosis Breakthrough Programs follow a simple three step process:


Step 1: Prepare Yourself for Quitting

Step 2: Hypnosis Breakthrough Hypnosis

Step 3: Support Tools Kit to Maintain Positive Habits


In Step 1 of the Hypnosis Breakthrough Quit Nail Biting Program, you will gain a greater understanding of why and when you bite your nails, and why it has been difficult for you to stop biting your nails in the past.  You will also complete tasks to help prepare your mind, body and environment for quitting nail biting.


In Step 2 you will listen to a Hypnosis audio each day for at least 7 consecutive days to break your nail biting habit at a unconscious level, as it is your unconscious mind where all habits are stored.


In Step 3 you will learn tools and strategies to ensure that your nail biting habit never returns.  In addition to the online component of this program, you will receive a Hypnosis Breakthrough Nail Growth Kit to support you during Step 3. This Kit has been shipped to your address and includes a nourishing cuticle care cream and an emery board to help you care for your nails as they grow. Also included in this Kit is a Gratitude Journal to help maintain your general wellbeing and positive habits after you quit biting your nails.


And finally, you are invited to join my Facebook Group called “Hypnosis Breakthroughs-Nail Biting“.  This closed Facebook Group was created to provide extra support and encouragement to people who undertake a Hypnosis Breakthrough Online Program.  Please feel free to use this supportive forum to ask questions and also share your experience of breaking your nail biting habit.   The link to the Facebook Group is …..


Enjoy the journey of breaking your nail biting habit and growing lovely, healthy nails.


Maureen Hamilton

Master Hypnotherapist