Seeing your nails as healthy and long, or well over the tip of your fingers is the first step. If you feel it helps you, then do look at pictures of ugly nails. Alternatively I find looking towards the positive is more helpful. You see I find that since we are looking towards the future, then we need to be looking at healthy nails. I would not be using coloured nail polish primarily as some of these products have some rather unpleasant chemicals in them as mentioned earlier.

Look how beautiful these nails are especially since they are holding a delicious red apple in their hand.

Set a goal of when you would like to have your nails long and more importantly healthy. I suggest you take a photo of where your hands are now – how they look and write a description of how you feel when looking at them. Then add a comment beneath the picture. You might even like to create a picture journal with the dates under each picture. This can be a real motivator.

Create a Before and After picfture of your hands. It is such a good feeling when you look back and see the improvements you have made.

Place this picture where you can see it morning and especially during the day. Obviously I didn’t have a before and after photo. I improvised. While you may not have a photo of how you would like your hands to look in the future, then borrow off someone else. Alternatively cut one out of a magazine or even online.
Place it around where you can see it. You may even add it to your phone so you can check it out often.