Tools to Assist

With every program we provide on this platform, there will be various tools to assist you. Some of these are an added bonus such as the Relaxation and Self Confidence Hypnosis audio. This is not essential to each program however it will relieve your stress. Listening to it at night as you go to sleep will allow you to have a great sleep. If you wake up and find you are unable to go back to sleep, then listen to it again.

You will be guided through the program with instructions to ensure your success.

The most important tools in this program will be:-
* Education and information
* Support with regular emails providing you encouragement as you step through the program
* Quizzes to confirm you have understood the section
* The Nail Beauty Kit – this is sent to you as soon as you register – see below
* Most importantly the Hypnotherapy audios

Enjoy the experience and be proud of your achievements.

Nail Beauty Kit for the Nail biting Hypnosis Program

We have the most suitable products beneficial for your actions in caring for your nails.