OLD-Identify and Manage Stress

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Before commencing any program, whether it be for Stress, nail biting, quit smoking or any other program, it is important to understand the information and tools you will be provided before commencing . As you can see from the Program Content, there are a number of steps you will follow.

Knowledge and understanding of the mind and the habits developed over the years are all part of the process to changing any habit or behaviour.

All our programs are designed as a three step process as follows:-

Step 1 – Prepare the Mind, Body and Environment
Step 2 – Change the Mind with the Expertise of Relevant Hypnosis
Step 3 – Support Tools to Maintain Positive Habits

Each step is broken down with topics and videos to ensure people are well prepared and can follow through on the suggestions and recommendations provided.

This is further reinforced with Quizzes to ensure the information is understood.

Additional tools will be provided to assist with the process.

Enjoy the journey of reducing the stress in your life so you can feel confident and look forward to the future.

Maureen Hamilton – Master Hypnotherapist


Manage Stress with Hypnosis
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