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Nail biting or biting nails is a habit and one that can be so frustrating. How do I know? Because I was a nail biter and did so for many years, even to the point where my nail or nails became infected. They even hurt when I would be washing up as they had been chewed down so far.

I hated my short ugly nails and tried so many times to stop chewing them. I painted them with yukky tasting substance and that didn’t work as I eventually didn’t mind the tast. I would wear gloves to bed and sometimes during the day and that didn’t work either. I recall looking at other peoples nails and thinking to myself how much I would love to have their nails.

No doubt you are asking the question, well how did you stop? It came as a gift and I will share my story with you shortly. Meanwhile let’s have a look at a few important things that will help you to understand what you too can do. There are three areas we want to look at regarding nail biting.