Are you a nail biter?

Here is an Exciting Program to help YOU achieve Strong Healthy Nails!

Making the decison to have strong healthy nails is the most important step in this process. So much to gain and nothing to lose!

We all have an idea about when and even sometimes why we bite our nails. It is really surprising though once you go through the following information how certain bits of information will provide you with an aha moment. It is really great how the mind can be opened up to other possibilities and / or events that you have never considered before.

That is what this program is all about. Get to know all about your habit first. Then you will be able to address the habit so you can see a way to stop biting your nails.

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Bring your Knowledge and Health to Life Instantly

Hypnosis Breakthrough


Education is such an important factor in any program. If we aren't clear about the process then there is every chance you will struggle. Clear Succinct explanations are provided with every step.

Hypnosis Breakthrough

What is Hypnosis

A Hypnosis audio is included and allows you to experience Hypnosis. It is a Relaxation and Stress Reduction Hypnosis. This will allow you to relax and have a good night's sleep. If you happen to wake up and struggle to go back to sleep, then turn it on again and enjoy a deep sleep.

Hypnosis Breakthrough


Along with written instructions and relevant images, Live Videos are provided at every step providing important support with each step.

Hypnosis Breakthrough

Hypnosis for Nail Biting

Included is the Hypnosis audio addressing the habit of nail biting. Our habits are stored in the unconscious mind and in that relaxed state of hypnosis, your mind will be changed so you won't want to bite your nails in the future. Listen to this daily for greater success.

Hypnosis Breakthrough

Tools including Beauty Kit

Education and information is one aspect of this program, however without the tools to demonstrate how to care for your nails, you may struggle. Plus the Nail Care Beauty Kit Pack offers clear instructions.

Hypnosis Breakthrough

Continuous Support

Support will be provided individually through the website. We also provide a Facebook group and your query will be answered promptly. You will also be able to seek support and encouragement from us and other like-minded people.


Join the many people who are benefitting from Hypnosis!

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Sarah Abbott

I can now start living my life and put the money towards other activity’s which will benefit my life and inspire me beyond smoking and I can now enjoy activity’s without looking for the nearest exit or outdoor smoking area.

Margaret Smith

I am here to tell you about the Richards Trauma Process and the Weight Loss Hypnosis, which I have found to be through Maureen. It has completely changed my life. I found the full process so rewarding and changeable. I would highly recommend all of it to everybody.


Most frequent questions and answers

No. The information provided is clear and important that it is not changed

Yes it is layered so that each section must be completed before moving onto the next step.

This will depend on the delivery service to your area. Rest assured we will get it to you as quickly as we can. 

Support can be accessed at
You will have a response within 24 hours, although it is usually within hours. Alternatively go to our Facebook page and send a message.

For the average adult, fingernails on average grow about 1/10 of an inch each month. That means it can take up to six months for your fingernails to grow back to its full length.
However follow the information and advice provided in the program and they could grown even faster.

Why would you want to use Hypnosis

Feel secure in the knowledge that you will be supported with every step you take on this Hypnosis journey to stop biting your nails. It is the most effective method to break the habit of nail biting. You will be delighted with this program as you will be educated and your  nails will be transformed. Feel excited!