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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Generally speaking, every normal person is hypnotisable. That is people with an IQ of at least 70, and no severe mental disorders. Therefore, virtually anyone can achieve successful results with hypnosis.

    Most people can’t tell the difference between the hypnotised state and the waking state. Some people feel relaxed and lethargic, others feel a sort of lightness. One thing that people do notice is an inexplicable change in their daily behaviours.

    Hypnosis is completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. Hypnosis is not sleep, nor can you get “stuck” in a state of hypnosis. You can’t be made to do something against your will! Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and an enjoyable experience.

    Our minds work on two levels—the conscious and the unconscious levels. We make decisions, think, and act with our conscious mind.

    The unconscious mind controls our habits. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind.

    This is why it is so quick and easy to change lifelong habits with the power of our advanced neuro hypnotic techniques.

    50% of why this system works so well is because of Advanced Hypnosis. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. Today the use of hypnosis is seen in medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports, and education.

    The other 50% of this system is working with your individual needs. It uses NLP, destroying myths, and getting rid of habits just to name a few.

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    Most people are nervous about attempting Hypnosis.
    However the amazing results people see, quickly changes their minds about Hypnosis.