Hypnosis Breakthrough

Are you struggling with habits that are controlling your life? Are they depriving you of feeling confident and in control? Or are they leaving you frustrated and annoyed?

Make Changes to Your Life with Hypnotherapy. 

This is an excellent therapy to assist you to make massive changes in your life.
Offering Life-changing programs that are rapid and lasting.

How We Can Help You

Education and Awareness

Change only comes when there is understanding and education.

Step by Step Process

A planned approach to any program is important, so there is no confusion with information provided.

Powerful Hypnosis

Changing the mind, removing bad habits and/or emotional triggers, empowering the mind for the future.

Our Most Popular Programs

Careful research indicates the programs we provide are the ones people are seeking to help them make changes to their lives and bring about rapid results. This can be done from the comfort of their own home and in their own time.

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Maureen Hamilton — Hypnotherapist-Founder & CEO.

About Us

We believe there is a better way to live our lives especially if there is trauma, hurt, not only to ourselves, but possibly to those we love. Hypnotherapy is a more valuable, less invasive way where customers take control of their lives, quickly and efficiently, knowing they are being provided with ongoing support. We’re obsessively passionate about helping, and our mission is to help people achieve their goals and be free from bad habits such as smoking, weight problems, emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and so many others. To benefit the client, we focus on natural solutions with Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, The Richards Trauma Process and other therapies. Hypnotherapy is one of the least understood aspects of health outcomes, and we see that as an opportunity. We’re excited to simplify hypnotherapy for everyone providing education, solutions and support.


Be empowered with positive beliefs about life and yourself, knowing you are in control of your life. Understand how you can change your life.

Changing the patterns of our behaviour can be a challenge. However with the best tools and information anything is possible.

Maureen Hamilton has been a hypnotherpist for many years and has helped thousands of people change their lives from quitting smoking, weight loss and resolving emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and so many other issues people struggle with and are challenged by.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Giving up smoking can be a challenge although not with Hypnosis. The important part of any hypnotherapy program is the WANT. The mind cannot be changed unless the person is ready.


Christine has been wanting to quit cigarettes for years and without success. Now she is a non smoker and very excited.

Nathan Jacob

The process was awesome. Looking forward to living life as a non smoker and being healthy.

Hypnosis Breakthrough

John Castellano

You worked your wonders on me in 2016. I am happy to say I am one of the happiest people around. I feel better and more energetic! It is truly amazing how hypnosis can make such a change to a person’s life.  I just want to say thank you so much for helping me.

Ted Gray

Sabina Camino

I have been a smoker for 10 years, always wanted to quit and have tried everything from patches, tables and so many other ways but nothing worked. I am feeling so good, no cravings or thoughts about cigarettes. Now it is time to look after my health now as a non smoker.

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Can you imagine the rest of your life without the limitations you have now? Many people feel ‘stuck’ in their lives and forget how to feel joy and hope.